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Care Products
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Barlow Tyrie Teak Oil

£ 14.00

RRP: £16.00
Barlow Tyrie Aluminium Cleaner
1 litre

£ 16.00

RRP: £18.00
Barlow Tyrie Textilene and Woven Non-Foam Cleaner
1 Litre

£ 19.00

RRP: £22.00
Barlow Tyrie Teak Cleaner
1 Litre

£ 23.00

RRP: £26.00
Barlow Tyrie Anti Wasp Solution
1 Litre Tin

£ 30.00

RRP: £34.00
Barlow Tyrie Teak Colour Guard
1 Litre

£ 34.00

RRP: £38.00
Barlow Tyrie Stainless Steel Clean and Guard
1 litre

£ 36.00

RRP: £40.00
Barlow Tyrie Fabric Weather Guard
1 Litre

£ 41.00

RRP: £46.00
Barlow Tyrie Teak Stain Guard
1 Litre

£ 41.00

RRP: £46.00

Care Products


Teak furniture can be left out all year round. However, as part of a maintenance programme we recommend the use of Teak Cleaner each spring to prepare your furniture for the season. If untreated, teak will weather to a soft silver grey patina. If you wish to slow the weathering process and retain the golden teak colour, apply Teak Colour Guard before the weathering process begins.

Stainless Steel

Although stainless steel products are made to withstand the rigours of an outdoor environment, regular care and maintenance is required to preserve the fine appearance of your furniture.

We offer care products for all the furniture we supply, which are easy to use and very effective. An annual or twice-yearly maintenance regime will be more than adequate in most instances to maintain your furniture in prime condition; however in coastal and chlorinated environments we recommend rinsing your stainless steel furniture with fresh water.


For aluminium furniture we suggest you clean and maintain your furniture with Powder-Coated Aluminium Cleaner.


To keep your furniture fabrics and Textilene® slings in optimum condition we recommend using Textilene® & Woven Non-Foam Cleaner.

We supply cleaning products with their own applicator pad.