One of the best things about summer time and the warm weather is that you can enjoy the outdoors, no matter what time of day it is. Being outside to enjoy the weather gives you a special feeling of relaxation and freedom. There is no better way to spend a nice warm summer evening than to have a nice barbeque and enjoy the company of friends. This is best enjoyed when you have the right setup in your backyard with the appropriate furniture and outdoor furnishings. When it comes to outdoor furniture there are so many different types to choose from you can lose yourself in the process. One brand of outdoor furniture that offers exceptional styling and high-quality construction is Barlow Tyrie.

They produce a wide array of both outdoor, and some indoor, furnishings which are made with only the highest quality materials. By utilizing woods such as teak and mahogany they can produce furniture that is not only beautiful but will stand the test of time. Wood such as teak will withstand just about anything that mother nature can throw at it. The furniture that is produced by Barlow Tyrie is available in a variety of styles to match the existing feel of your backyard patio or deck. Offering everything from cushioned lounge chairs to high dining tables and more.

A really great way to spice up your outdoor living space is to add a matching furniture set to offer the ultimate in outdoor entertaining. When you have guests over for a nice outdoor dinner they will not want to leave when you have a nice furniture setup featuring Barlow Tyrie furnishings. All our products are not only visually appealing but also incredibly comfortable. All furniture is designed with comfort in mind and they are constantly updating designs to offer their customers the utmost in comfort. If you are wondering where you can find Barlow Tyrie products or you want more information about the different styles available visit

Our website provides a wide selection of the outdoor furniture products available from Barlow Tyrie and other manufacturers. With a wide variety of styles, you will be able to find something that matches your existing decor no matter what the existing style of your patio or deck. We have the ever-popular Adirondack chairs and matching accessories, which are a staple in outdoor furniture and no deck is complete without one.

We also carry more modern styles such as the Dune Collection which incorporates curves and flowing shapes with soft pastel colours to give you a lovely contemporary look. One of the signature pieces in the Dune Collection is the daybed which features an oblong shape and a straw coloured wicker type frame. This exquisite daybed is perfect for an afternoon nap or just lounging around in the evening to enjoy some stargazing. Whether you are looking for a single piece or an entire new setup for your outdoor living space, Barlow Tyrie furnishings are a great choice that will give you years of enjoyment.